About the Platform

The Interactive Platform for International Family Mediation (IFM) Practices is a knowledge sharing and networking platform to facilitate cooperation among family mediation practitioners specialising in cross-border conflicts across the world.

As International Family Mediation is being increasingly promoted by States to resolve cross-border family disputes, legal and administrative authorities who are encouraged and authorised to refer cases to mediation will also be interested in the information offered by this digital tool.

This interactive platform is the fruit of a Collaborative Process initiated in 2015 with 55 family mediators from 24 countries representing all continents. They discussed shared understandings of international family mediation practice and adopted the core principles for the conduct of cross-border family mediations.During a Meeting in Geneva (in October 2015), this international group jointly developed the set of good practices presented in this tool. The International Social Service (ISS) organised them under categories and elaborated the tool to serve the needs of practitioners and all other actors involved in cross-border family conflicts.

This tool is a work under progress and will hopefully be used, developed and enhanced to allow strengthened cooperation among mediators as well as the dissemination of reliable documents and information.

All established and recognised structures specialising in international family mediation across the world are part of this Collaborative Process: 


The end goal is to pave the way for the creation of one centralised and reliable network of qualified practitioners, recognised and accessible to all.

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